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Filtrex is offering Free Energy Analysis of HVAC systems. Please contact one of salesman to schedule a visit to your facility to help optimize your HVAC filtration.

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Established in 1988, The Filtrex Corporation has spent the last 25+ years determined to providing Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia with the best possible IAQ (Indoor Air Quality).   It is our mission to provide our customers with the solutions that will meet their desired levels of air cleanliness thus protecting workers and processes from harmful air born particles/agents.  Whether you want to improve personnel productivity through improved office IAQ; or if you want to ensure that there will be no contaminants in your manufactured products our experienced sales staff can assist your every need in selecting the best set of filters for you given needs. 

Everyday corporations are faced with further and further budget cuts making it difficult to allocate the necessary funds to meet total needs of every department.  The Filtrex Corporation can assist you helping your company meet your budgetary constraints.  The vast majority of money spent on running a HVAC system is not the filters or the labor to maintain and clean your units it is energy.  The wrong filter selection could cost your company thousands upon thousands of dollars in energy annually.  Through a Life Cycle Cost Analysis we can select the filter set that will meet your filtration requirements and while possessing a lower pressure drop over the life of the filter consequently saving energy that will turn into large saving on your utility bills.

A lower Life Cycle Cost is not all that The Filtrex Corporation brings to the table we also have an excellent turn-around time for standard sized pleated filters so you will have the pleated filter where you need them when you need them.  Have an oddly sized pleated filter you can not seem to find anywhere?  Do not worry; we have the capabilities to fabricate the exact size pleated filter you require.  At The Filtrex Corporation we strive to ensure our customers are provided with the best filtration and service possible, making us truly your “Filtered Air Specialists”.

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Filtrex Corporation is proud to announce the merger with Ketchum and Walton Company. Filtrex has expanded its vision to include a wide range of air filtration manufacturer's including Camfil Farr, UV Resources, Camfil Farr Air Pollution Control, Clean Room International, Air Solutions Company, and Air Quality Engineering. As always Filtrex continues to sell aftermarket filters from the leaders in the industry, Camfil Farr and Flanders PrecisionAire. Our experts, working onsite in our Baltimore office, will take your specifications and requirements and create the filter you need for any special project

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